Rotheray Mateer

Kingston near Lewes, BN7 3NR 18th August 2018

Location, schedule and taxis

Saturday, 18th August 2018

  • 15:00 Main event starts
    • Caravan field behind The Lea, Wellgreen Lane, Kingston near Lewes, BN7 3NR. Car parking in the field.
    • Google map
    • Drinks at open bar, canapes, and snacks
    • Outdoor games for the kids and adults
  • 15:30 Ceremony in the field
  • 17:00 BBQ produced and handmade by Holmansbridge farm
  • 18:00 A few speeches
  • 19:00 Cake
  • 19:30 Band - ‘The High Notes’
  • 20:30 Stone baked pizzas
  • 22:00 Main event finishes. Night disco, drinks, pizza and cake will continue until late!

Sunday, 19th August 2018

  • 10:30 Continental breakfast in the caravan field

We will have a lazy brunch in the field.


We are in the caravan field just before the primary school in Kingston. Look for balloons and a wedding sign.

Here are the local taxi companies

  • 01273 474 444 Lewes County Cars
  • 01273 437 737 and 01273 477 567 GM Taxis
  • 01273 483 232 Lewes Taxis
  • 01273 474 747 Lewes Town Taxis
  • 01273 480 000 Lewes Station Cars

If you need a ride from Lewes to the caravan field stand outside Lewes railway station and a taxi will come. There is also a taxi shopfront just opposite the train station.


Kingston is a small village (1 pub) near the historical town of Lewes in East Sussex. There are a few AirBnB’s and bed a breakfasts in Kingston, however we recommend you stay in Lewes (or Brighton) to explore some great places.

It is a 10minute taxi ride (grab a taxi outside the station in Lewes) or an Uber, and it costs around £7 to get to Kingston Primary School (which is close to our house)

It takes about 40mins to walk to our house from the station (there are some great tracks and stuff to explore on the way)


Pelham House Hotel, 4 star, 36 rooms

The Shelleys, 3-star hotel, 19 rooms

Premier Inn, 61 rooms

Inland countryside

East Sussex National 23 minutes’ drive NE from us, 4-star hotel, 104 rooms

Coast and Brighton City

25 minutes’ drive from us is: The Hilton, 4 star hotel, 340 rooms, and many, many more options!


AirBnB is a great way to stay in some interesting places! There are lots around the area in many different styles

If you’re new to AirBnB, you can sign up.

View into Kingston village from the Downs

The Caravan Field

The Seven Sisters

Dress Code

Glamorous casual

We will be dressing in formal attire and welcome you to do the same, but as it is a BBQ in a field, we want you to be comfortable.


Wildflowers / Nature / Adventure


We don’t need any gifts!! However if you’d like to donate a bag of cement for our house extension (starting next year) we’d really appreciate it.

Donate Cement Here


Please just bring yourselves, and perhaps a bottle of wine / whatever drinks you’d like to the Wedding. There will be plenty of wine, beer, cider and soft drinks at the open bar.


This will be a children friendly event - looking forward to seeing you all!!!!


07584 126022 (Dave)
07728 201797 (Ellie)

The Lea
Wellgreen Lane
Kingston near Lewes
East Sussex